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Path to Addiction

How do you get Addicted ?

First Stage


User start taking drugs due to peer pressure, curiousity, family problem, study problem etc considering it's a first time and won't do it again. This stage signifies the gateway to drugs.

Second Stage


User are fascinated by it and uses increases gradually due to influience of other family members, friends or other drug user for recreational purpose. As the frequency of drug intake increases with time, the body need high doses to fulfill the purpose of drug intake. This stage signifies the start of addiction.

Third Stage


Taking drug becomes habit and body desires for more drug and compulsion tendency start. Whenever user don't take drugs the body start to show withdrawl symptoms and need drug to feel normal. Thus becoming compulsive to drugs. This stage signifies the drug addiction.

Drug Effects

Effects of Drugs on Health


Sedation & Sleepiness, Memory Loss, Depression, Disorientation, Emotional Imbalance, Anti-social Behavour


Respiratory Impairment, Cancer, Pneumonia


Hepatitis B and C, Liver Diseases, Liver Failure


Infection of Valves, Stroke, Valve Infection, Tachycardia, Endocarditis, Infection of inner lining.


Kidney Infection, Chronic Kidney Diseases, Kidney Failure

Nervous System

Psychomotor impairment, Hyperalgesia, Pain and sensitization.


Consticipation, Degestive problems, Ulcer, Intestine Cancer

Circulatory System

Collapse Veins, High Blood Pressure.